Jacob Morgan

Speaker, author, and futurist

Les Ottolenghi

Executive VP & CIO, Caesars Entertainment Corporation

James Dean Hicks

Songwriter, singer, and speaker

Dan Latendre

CEO and Founder, Igloo Software


Digital Workplace Strategies

Building a Digital Workplace Strategy and Roadmap

Without a proper strategy and roadmap you run the risk of not reaching the full potential of your digital workplace.

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Defining the digital workplace of today and what’s ahead

Does the term digital workplace just mean a great, modern intranet? In a word, no, but an intranet is a core part of the digital workplace and can be one of the solutions within it...

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The RO why of the new digital workplace

In the simplest terms, companies don’t build products, do deals, or make service calls – people do. But most companies struggle with isolated knowledge workers and a limited understanding of organizational expertise...

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Architecting for success

That’s why many companies are adopting digital workplace strategies as a way of retrofitting modern tools and technology into their current infrastructures, while bracing for the next wave of challenges...

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Transforming the organization

A successful digital workplace program goes well beyond a technical transformation. It requires a pipeline of innovation and a culture of change...

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Digital workplace governance and rules of engagement

You’ve seen and heard of countless digital workplace failures. Without governance, inconsistent behaviors, knowledge bases, communication practices and...

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Deploy with purpose: using solutions to increase productivity and spark innovation

One size does not fit all when it comes to building your digital workplace. Your strategy needs to consider...

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Digital Workplace Solutions

The art of the possible

A demo of the most innovative enhancements and twists you can make to your digital workplace...

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Better together: integrations

How to bring your favourite tools into your other favourite tool (Igloo)...

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The power of analytics

Using Igloo analytics to make data driven decisions...

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The guiding principles of information architecture and design

Learn the best practices and industry standards for structuring your digital workplace...

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Reimagining the employee lifecycle

This session focuses on an HR solution story spin including onboarding, an authentic approach to your values...

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Telling the story: the future of employee communications

Employee Communications, as it exists now, is an endangered species...

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Creating a knowledge sharing culture

We’ll start this session by reviewing the current landscape of knowledge management...

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Real Success Stories

Launching your digital workplace

Just as much thought and planning needs to go into launching your digital workplace as architecting and building it...

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Community manager crash course

The best community managers are efficient, collaborative and have a knack for driving engagement...

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Expanding your audience

The success of a digital workplace increases exponentially when there is cross-functional adoption...

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Rekindling the romance & keeping momentum

Stale, not relevant, unorganized, lost purpose. These are not the terms you want to hear when it comes to your digital workplace...

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Proof is in the numbers

When it comes to community engagement, ROI, and where to focus your improvement efforts ...

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A digital transformation journey: intranet replacement

If you’ve ever gone through a major home renovation, you know it’s not as easy as it seems on television. Major transformations require careful planning...

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A digital transformation journey: the road to a thriving digital workplace

You’ve built an inspiring digital destination, but your digital transformation journey is an ongoing evolution of improving communication, collaboration, knowledge management and social engagement in your organization...

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Training labs

SEPTEMBER 18, 2017


Want to learn best practices for engaging your users and empowering your champions? What about discovering how to enhance your digital workplace through using solutions and the power of CSS/HTML?

These in-depth and interactive training sessions will be instrumental in ensuring you are getting the most out of your Igloo community and solving your key business challenges.

Join us at ICE to have a chance to speak directly with Igloo experts. We are offering two training sessions (valued at $199 USD) at no additional cost to you.

Session 1

Choose from the following options:


Ready, set, refresh your community

An overview of the best practices to consider when re-organizing your Igloo.


Maximizing the impact of your community

Implementing solutions to common business challenges.

Session 2

Choose from the following options:


Enhancing the look & feel of your community

Learn to style your Igloo with the use of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Space Administration 101

Everything a space administrator needs to know, and more.